What Makes me All Bright

can't stop smilingMy name is Marissa Albrecht; which curiously enough, is pronounced “all-bright.” I’ve known of Jesus since I was a kid but have only really fallen in love with Him as I’ve gotten older, and continuously learned–and learn–to trust both who He Is and who He can Be.

One of my favorite examples of such lessons was the first time I was tangibly changed by God’s grace: back in November of 2006, I had my thyroid removed.
Now, to know me, means appreciating the following two truths: 1. I am emotional. For me to sum up any life experience in one phrase is irregular, to say the least. 2. I am not adventurous. This might be most plainly evidenced by the fact that I had not been admitted as a hospital patient since my birth more than 20 years prior.

And yet a few months before I discovered the nodule protruding from my neck, my pastor initated a challenge to memorize a scripture verse each month. It sounded like a good idea. So I took his suggestion to start with Psalm 139:23. Everyday I worked to memorize and recite this verse during my prayer time: “Search me, God, and know my heart; test me and know my anxious thoughts.”

And guess what.
He did.
The entire experience was a lesson in God’s grace.  In fact, He granted me a permaneant reminder of that grace: my second smile. The resulting scar at the base of my neck is curved in the shape of a smile. So that even on days when I might not feel like smiling, by God’s grace, I always will. 🙂


One thought on “What Makes me All Bright

  1. Marissa, you are so talented. I love reading your stories. You say you aren’t adventurous but I know better. . . I know my roommie:)

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