This Time Last Year…

This Time Last Year...

A year ago today, I woke up in the city of Florence.
On the other side of my first international flight, heart full of excitement and… fear.
This wasn’t me.
I am the calculated risk-taker.
The anything-but-rash child of rural suburbia.
…the girl with a heart crying out for something she’s never known.

I had always held the dream of Italy as just that. A dream. A crazy adventure taken to be had somewhere in the long-distant future. But with God’s ever-gentle prompting my heart towards action over intention, I began to question myself.
What was I waiting for?
It would never be “the perfect time;”
there is no combination of factors that would please everyone;
the alignment of the stars is a myth.

So here I was. In a teeny Italian apartment 86 steps above the Piazza del Duomo. Waking to a double window across the Duomo, opening to a street lined with shops, restaurants, bicycles, foot traffic, and dreams.

Here I was; tumbling heart-first into a foreign world I had dared to do no more than dream of. Not on a definitive missions trip but one that would require more of a reliance on and faith in Christ than I had ever known or had to tempt.

Good morning, city of my dreams.
And to the God who holds them all.


2 thoughts on “This Time Last Year…

  1. Marissa,
    I’m so excited you’ve started a blog and I can’t wait to hear more of your thoughts! Not thirty seconds before I read this blog post I was scrolling through pics of our Italy trip from a few years ago…pausing to look at the beauty of Florence and the prominent Duomo dominating the landscape. I sighed, thinking it would be nice to spend a season there. Then my ADD mind saw a facebook notification, discovered your new blog and clicked only to find myself right back in Florence. Had to smile.
    I want to hear more! Love you Miss All Bright!

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