Modern-Day Miracle

Modern-Day Miracle

Every life is a miracle… but the legend of Josiah is a miracle upon miracles.

Though Josiah’s life is just beginning, his story started several years ago. His father, Ethan, was diagnosed with terminal cancer as a teenager. To say it was a tough road to travel is a gross understatement; but that isn’t the end of the story. God healed Ethan completely (miracle #1). However, doctors told him that among the side effects of his treatments, he would never be able to have children.

It certainly came as a surprise, then,when soon after their wedding in May 2012, Ethan and Elizabeth learned that they were expecting (miracle #2)! A few months and sonograms into the pregnancy, doctors showed concern: they could not find evidence that the baby had developed a corpus callosum (an integral part of the brain for complete and normal development). However, God told Elizabeth that He was going to heal the baby. Prayers were lifted up all over the world as the faith of these soon-to-be-parents and their family also rose.

On Saturday, March 15th, Josiah Peter was born.

And he is perfect.

Absolutely perfect.

Tests were run and it was confirmed that Josiah does, in fact, have a corpus callosum. (Miracle #3!)

This little baby, along with his incredible family, is a pure testament of God’s faithfulness. He is living, breathing proof that God is still in the business of miracles; no matter how ugly, unlikely, and discouraging circumstances may be.

Welcome to the world, little one! I can’t wait to see what other miraculous things God will do–and teach us–as He continues to unfold your story.


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