In the Middle of Mundane

In the world we live in today, it’s easy to get caught up in the mundane of our daily routine. Trivial problems become mountains that obscure what should be a truer version of reality for us.
I’ve been thinking lately about the power of perspective. Especially as it’s been challenged.


I work in Customer Service, which could easily be labeled as mundane as jobs come. Other than the variety of personalities I deal with in the span of 8 to 5, it’s pretty much the same old routine every day. And unguarded, that attitude can creep in and overthrow the basis of my spiritual life.
It’s easy for daily quiet time to slip out of the routine; prayer to become more a meaningless mantra than an actual conversation. And to be honest, that’s where I was heading.

And yet, thankfully, the God I serve isn’t ok with letting me wander far.
The life He’s given wasn’t given to be mundane by any stretch.
And that’s why I think He directed Helen’s call to me today.

It was a routine call. A simple solution to a simple request.
In the name of professionalism, I was aiming to keep the call brief, as I always do. But before I did,  Helen happened to mention something that stopped me.

“The reason I have to change my address is because I’m going to stay with a friend for a while.”
My response was mechanical. “How nice! I hope your friend lives somewhere warm!”
“Oh no, she’s just down the street but I fell on the ice yesterday and broke my arm. I need help just to do everyday things.”
“I’m so sorry to hear that. This ice has been terrible lately…”
“Yes it has, but you know, I think this was a purposeful thing that happened. It was the Holy Spirit. See, I’m a believer—”
“So am I!” I couldn’t help but interrupt.
“You are? Oh, how nice to talk to a sister! Well, as I said, I really do think this was a Spirit thing. I looked at the area off to the side of my walkway and it was dry but I still went ahead and walked on the sidewalk anyway. And that’s where I fell. I know that if I had walked the other way, it wouldn’t have happened.”

I found myself nodding as I offered occasional, “Mhm”s to encourage her to continue.

“And, you know, last night I was in terrible pain. As I lay in bed, thinking about how much it hurt, I thought of Joni—have you heard of Joni Eareckson Tada?”
“I have! What an incredible testimony she has!”

Read about Joni's story on her website:

Learn about Joni’s story on her website:

“Oh my, yes! Amazing… when I think about what she’s gone through—such intense pain—and then how it’s just my arm that’s hurting me, it really isn’t so terrible. And besides, just like Joni, I think God means to use this.
This was a purposeful thing, you see.
I don’t think God likes to see us in pain but sometimes it’s what we need most—to refocus us back to Him.”

It was then I noticed the tears gathering at the corners of my eyes.

“This time at my friend’s, I think this is a respite. A time to remove myself from my routine and redirect myself to the One Who truly matters.”

And sometimes He achieves it by interrupting the daily grind with a phone call.
A reminder.

Of pain.
Of redemption.
Of redirection.

I might have murmured an “Amen” before ending my conversation with Helen but I can’t remember.
Once I hung up, I just sat and thought for a long time.

Thinking about how purposeful our God is. And how often I miss it. How often I miss Him.

Until it hurts.

And so, friends, please be careful of the ice out there.
And even more, of the distractions that threaten to absorb your attention. And rob you of your chance to live out the purpose God intends you for.

It’s not worth the pain—unless it brings you back to the One Who can redeem it.


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